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Air Conditioning Replacement

Trusted Shreveport Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

How well is your Shreveport air conditioner performing? Are you questioning the integrity of your current AC system and looking for replacement options?

Whether the cause for concern comes from high energy bills, frequent repairs, slow and inefficient cooling or simply old age, you can depend on AirCare Heating & Cooling Services to find the best solution for your needs.

We specialize in custom AC installations and replacements that are unique to your building. When you purchase a new air conditioner, you expect high performance. You can trust us to have the expertise and equipment necessary for completing high-quality air conditioning installations and replacements in your home.

In order to ensure all comfort and efficiency ratings are met, our licensed and highly trained technicians follow strict sizing and installation guidelines. Each installation comes with a careful performance measurement to ensure maximum comfort and energy savings.

Signs an Air Conditioning Needs Replacement

Old Age (10-15 years)
High Energy Bills
Frequent Repairs
Uneven Temperatures

If your air conditioner is over 10 years old, it may be time for a replacement. You can reduce your energy consumption by 25-40% by replacing your older, inefficient model with a new, energy-efficient one. Although it may cost more upfront, your monthly savings from reduced energy bills will cover the cost of a new installation.

This depends, of course, on a quality installation. An improper HVAC installation could increase your energy bill by 30%. Don’t risk your safety, comfort and energy bills with just anyone!

Contact AirCare Heating and Cooling Services today for certified installation service when YOU need it. Our trusted technicians will provide you with the knowledge and options necessary for making the best decision for you and your family.

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High Efficiency

With up to a 24 SEER energy efficiency rating, these units integrate technology and machine learning, in order to gain efficiency and save you money on your monthly heating and cooling costs. In addition, these systems include a factory warranty that is hard to beat.

Basic Systems

If affordability and reliably are your top priorities, then our Basic Systems may be right for you. Constructed of quality materials and engineered to last, these systems are backed by a factory warranty that will ensure long lasting operation.

Ductless Split Systems

The advantages of Ductless Split Systems (also known as “mini-splits”) are numerous. Zone cooling, energy efficiency and their compact nature make them an attractive option for use in additions, or where space is not available for a traditional HVAC system.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

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We want to earn your business! We do that by providing access to the best equipment and service that we can offer. Budget and cost are on the minds of nearly all of our customers, and we are ready to help find options that match your budget.

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