DIY Air Conditioner and Furnace Maintenance

While most agree that the most common HVAC repairs are best left to the experts, there are many maintenance tasks that you can perform on your air conditioner and heater without experience or specialized equipment.

Do-it-yourself HVAC Tips

Whether it’s to help save money or to have the sense of accomplishment, learning, or just plain being independent, the spirit of the Do-it-yourself homeowner is here to stay. Home heating and cooling systems are generally not DIY Friendly, by design. However, these tips will help the average homeowner to keep their home heating and cooling system operating at peak performance and help to extend the life of their system.

Start a war on the dirt in your AC and Heating System

Check and replace your air filters The most important thing you can do at home is to change your air filter regularly. Dirty air filters make your HVAC system less efficient and cause undue strain on its working parts. Set a reminder each month to replace your air filter. Many people find it easier to remember when they make it a habit to change their air filter when they pay their monthly electric bill. High-efficiency pleated air filters are designed with folds which trap more small particles than traditional filters. Air filters are usually cheap and readily available.

Clean your registers Wipe down your registers as often as possible to keep dust and debris out of your system. Registers are the vents that are often located on the ceiling, floor or walls of your home.

Keep your AC and heating systems free of debris If you have an outdoor unit, it is important to keep the system free of debris. Check your unit every week or so for leaves, pollen, dirt, sticks or other debris. Clear the debris from the top and sides of the system using gloves and, if necessary, a hose. This allows for maximum airflow to the fan and increases your unit’s efficiency and lifespan. In order to ensure the cleanest system possible, try to remove anything that blocks air flow to the system, leaving about two feet of space around the unit.

ALWAYS cut the power to the unit before deep cleaning. There’s lots of information on how to clean your coils and how to blow out your condensation drain on your own. Since those tasks involve taking your system apart exposing delicate/expensive hvac parts, high voltage electricity and getting up into your attic we recommend that you call us to clean evaporator coils, drains and condenser coils for you.

Other Dirt Factors

Pet Hair If you have pets that shed large amounts of hair, then this hair will eventually collect in your HVAC System over time. Your system may need to be cleaned more often if you find that pet hair becomes a problem in your home. Don’t get rid of the pets, give us a call instead!

Dusty environment Your home may be located in an area where dust, pollen, dirt, and/or sand are unusually heavy. Again, your system will need to be cleaned more often because of the environmental dirt.

Listen for unusual noises

If you hear odd noises when your system is running, this can indicate that there is something wrong with the system. Often times, noises in your system are created by register blockages, debris in the vents, or loose bolts on the furnace or registers. If you hear any odd noises, try to locate the source and report the issue to your technician.

Inspect & Replace Refrigerant Line Insulation

Most refrigerant lines that run to your outdoor condensing unit should have foam insulation that surrounds the copper lines. Replacing your refrigerant line insulation is also a simple way to help increase your HVAC system’s efficiency.

Closing Registers to better direct airflow

Registers have internal vents that allow for adjusting the amount of airflow in a room. DO NOT, however,close more than 20% of your registers because it will put extra strain on the HVAC equipment.

Thinking about getting our help, instead?

All of this might sound intimidating or overwhelming to you. You can call us and schedule a visit, and an Air Care technician will arrive. They will consult with you and begin work to maintain your system. Central air conditioners should be professionally inspected and adjusted before the beginning of every cooling season, and your manufacturers warranty likely requires that the system be regularly maintained in order to remain valid.

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